[Mailman-Users] -1 moderator request(s) waiting

Sarah Ewen sarah at thaum.net
Thu Jun 10 11:26:37 CEST 2004

I had the same thing here with over 200 lists we run as newsgroup
gateways in my office.

I found that if you visit the admindb page, then follow through to
the view all details page, the problem for that list resolves and 
the messages stop.

As there are actually no messages there to approve, you don't need to
do all this in a web browser, if you have a lot of lists affected and
you know there are no msgs really waiting, you can just use curl to
visit them all and resolve the problem.

I used a bash script like the one below:


 for i in `cat listnames.txt` ; do
   echo $i;
   curl -F adminpw=sitepass http://yourdomain.com/mailman/admindb/$i > /tmp/admindb-$i
   curl -F adminpw=sitepass http://yourdomain.com/mailman/admindb/$i?details=all > /tmp/admindb2-$i

You can check over the files in /tmp if you want to be sure it all went ok.

I hope that helps. It's a bit off the cuff as I've only just run it, but
that should fix the problem.

As for what causes it - who knows! Mailman authors?

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 10:06:04AM -0500, Kit Stube wrote:
> I just installed mailman and built a bunch of lists.  The owners of the 
> lists are now daily recieving a message saying "-1 <listname> moderator 
> request(s) waiting".
> When they click on the link and go to the page to do the moderator stuff 
> the page does not have any moderator requests.   We are all very 
> confused.  Any idea how to make this stop?

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