[Mailman-Users] Copyright Notice on Web Site

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Jun 24 18:16:27 CEST 2004

At 8:57 AM -0400 2004-06-23, Sheryl Coe wrote:

>  But I notice that the copyright notice contains the word 'verbatim' so,
>  I would respectfully request permission to post an __edited__ features
>  list on our web site.

	Barry's a little busy right now.  See <http://www.python.org/>.

	When the replacement mail server is online and things have 
quieted down a bit, he might have some time to get back to you.

>  On an tangential matter, I'd like to volunteer to work on editable pages
>  that list hosts can use to edit and promote their Mailmans services.
>  Perhaps others would appreciate less technical pages that xplain why
>  it's better, from the perspective of their (potential) customers.

	You could also offer your assistance in this area to Barry, so 
that the main Mailman web pages are improved to the benefit of the 
whole community.

	Just something to think about.

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