[Mailman-Users] Mailman browswer question - initial set up

Poythress, Lynn apoythre at skymail.csus.edu
Fri Jun 25 22:00:28 CEST 2004

Thanks for the clarification on who should subscribe to the side list.

As far as my apached not being in the same group as mailman - maybe I'm
misunderstanding, but here's a quote from Step 4 of the install doc.

"You want to be very sure that the user id under which your CGI scripts
run (I took that to mean apached is that wrong?) is *not* in the
'mailman' group you created above, otherwise private archives will be
accessible to anyone."

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At 9:39 AM -0700 2004-06-25, Poythress, Lynn wrote:

>  o My apached (apache daemon) id is NOT in the same group as my
>  id.

	I think that this is likely to be your problem.

>  o How do I subscribe myself to the site list?  I assume that means


>  Please tell me what I've left out - I can't figure it out!  I'm
>  sure it's something simple and I'm just can't see the forest for the
>  trees.

	My guess is that the problem lies in the group id mismatch.

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