[Mailman-Users] installation problem

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Mar 3 05:28:08 CET 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 17:47, Jeetendra Mirchandani wrote:
> i get a 404 error
> my httpd.conf
> ---------------------
> ScriptAlias /mailman/ "/home/mailman/cgi-bin/"
> <Directory "/home/mailman/cgi-bin">
>   Options ExecCGI
>     Order allow,deny
>     Allow from all
> </Directory>
> --------------------
> please help
> Regards,
> Jeetu
> ---

> The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

Mailman FAQ: http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py
Searchable Archives: http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users%40python.org/

See the FAQ.  You really need to provide much more information - at
least the version of mailman you are running and how it was installed,
and what OS you are running.  Without those basics, most folks will
simply write you off as un-helpable.

If you also include the basic troubleshooting steps that you have
already gone through, then folks will actually think you are helpable
and will try to give you clues. 

Where did you install Mailman? Is it installed in /home/mailman and does
/home/mailman/cgi-bin/ in fact exist?

Good Luck with your Second posting for help

Jon Carnes

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