[Mailman-Users] Several questions

Price, Jason Jason.Price at thomson.com
Mon Mar 8 20:11:30 CET 2004

I am in the process of installing mailman at my company, and have a few
questions that I've been unable to figure out.  Hopefully, you all can help
me out here...

1.  How can I display a "friendly name" in the "from" field?  Currently, I
have it displaying the mailing list address, but I'd much prefer it to
display text of my choosing, and eliminate the "on behalf of" information.
Is this possible?

2.  I'd like to display the same "friendly name" in the "to" field of
mailing list messages.

3.  What the easiest way to control the bounced messages destination?  Is it
possible to provide an explicit destination for bounced messages, or does
this have to be done via the aliases file?



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