[Mailman-Users] One installation, many appearances?

Shaun T. Erickson ste at smxy.org
Wed Mar 17 04:06:51 CET 2004

Jon Carnes wrote:

> Mailman won't do the SQL database (yet), but you can set up the aliases
> yourself inside the SQL database. I think that Postfix can also handle
> multiple alias maps, so you might be able to simply let Mailman use the
> standard text file based aliases file.

I took the plunge and installed it today. All is fine, except for one 
item ... please see my other post (posted today), titled "I can't seem 
to get the urls right". I really need to figure that one out.

As for how to handle the aliases, it turns out one doesn't need them at 
all. :) Google for "postfix-to-mailman" - it's quite a handy little 
script. :)

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