[Mailman-Users] mailman slow all of a sudden

Hennie Rautenbach hennie at sabinet.co.za
Tue Mar 23 08:03:51 CET 2004

Hi there,

I am running 4 different mailman lists on a Debian Linux box using 
mailman-2.1.4 with postfix as the MTA.

Three of the mailing lists are low subscribers and one has about 200 
subscribers. Since last week all of a sudden I am having problems with
the 200 sub mailing list. The others are fine. Posts take a few hours to 
appear whereas with the others they are near instantaneous. I also have 
symptoms of browser hangs when trying to access the administrative 
interface. Shutting down mailman and clearing the locks doesn't clear 
the problem. There is still a significant delay after a restart.

Question. Where can I start looking to determine what is introducing the 
delay in the queue ? Is there a way to determoine if something is stuck 
in the queue somewhere that needs to be removed manually ?

Do any of you have any pointers of where the culprit may be ? It seems 
very strange that posts were processed almost immediately a few days ago 
and now they take forever ?

Looking forward to your advice.

Best regards,


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