[Mailman-Users] Help with install: command-line works, but not web

thewade webadmin at aproximation.org
Wed Mar 24 01:37:56 CET 2004

Hello list,
My name is Wade. I am trying to use your software, but the web interface  
is fighting me.

I am using rh9 and apache 2.0.49 I think, and python 2.3.3. I can run 
bin/list_lists and see the lists but I cant see them on the net. I then   
try to create a list from the net, but It says that I cannot: which 
password do I use? I\'ve tried the mmsitepass password, my user password,  
each with my email with the @aproximation.org and with just my login.

My /etc/group and /etc/gshadow all have apache as a member of the mailman
group. bin/check_perm -f returns with no errors.

What can I do?

thanks for your help, 

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