[Mailman-Users] web configuration

Ana Carolina Alonso de Armiño aalonso at uncoma.edu.ar
Thu Mar 25 18:40:29 CET 2004


I have an mailman server (with sendmail) running mailman 2.1.3, this server 
is called myhost.  I have configred into the Mailman/Defaults.py like

DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'
DEFAULT_URL = 'http://www.mydomain.edu.ar/mailman/'

I have an web server who mounts the mailman NFS directory.
When I go to  'http://www.mydomain.edu.ar/mailman/infolist/mylist' I see 
the rigth page, but when I access to any link I get wrong URLs 
like  'http://myhost.mydomain.edu.ar/mailman/admin/mylist'
If I change the word myhost to www in the URL and I get the rigth page.
This happen in all page that I open, so I can open the page to configure my 
list but I can´t do change because the botton don´t work.

Which is the rigth configuratio to my needs?
Thanks in advance!


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