[Mailman-Users] HTML Templates

Bryan Carbonnell carbonnb at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 26 14:45:58 CET 2004

> From: Richard Barrett <r.barrett at ftel.co.uk>

> On 26 Mar 2004, at 11:15, Bryan Carbonnell wrote:
> > Either I'm blind or just plain old dumb, but I can't seem to fine the
> > HTML template that builds the list of list page. The page that you
> > first get when you goto example.com/mailman/listinfo/

> Unfortunately so in MM 2.1.x that page is not built from a template 
> file.

Ah, that explains why I couldn't find it last night.

Thanks Richard.

Bryan Carbonnell - carbonnb at sympatico.ca
Unfortunately common sense isn't so common!

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