[Mailman-Users] Using Outlook Express News Reader to view andpost messages

Barbara Manning Barbaram at gol.com
Fri May 21 00:23:39 CEST 2004

Thanks.  Our webmaster set me straight on the mailing lists vs. newsgroups 
bits, and your right, we do use a news server.

I'm using Eudora to filter the mailman mail to its own mailbox, and then 
within the mailbox I can sort the "letters" by subject.  This gives me all 
the discussions on a topic.  I have to refresh the sort every day, but 
that's ok.  It looks fine, I just had to get used to it.

I do like you're idea of using a different account -- it makes things much 


At 17 05 2004 22:31, you wrote:
>Barbara Manning wrote on Mon, 17 May 2004 20:07:26 +0900:
> > If my only choice for this group is to read via my email client, I can do
> > that, it's just messy looking and I end up downloading about 75 messages a
> > day.   I'll probably unsubscribe with this email address and set up a
> > separate address just for this group.  That will help somewhat.
> >
>If the threading doesn't look good, it's a problem of your mail client.
>There's no difference in threading between newsgroups and mail unless some of
>the people on the list use certain Microsoft programs which don't add the
>correct headers for threading. I'm sure, Eudora is able to thread this list
>like a newsreader. And it should have filters/rules, so you don't need to set
>up an extra account (although using a different account for mailing lists
>isn't bad, anyway ;-). F.i. I simply use one of the headers in each mail to
>filter all mails for this mailing list in one folder setup just for it.
>You need to make a clear distinction between mailing lists and newsgroups.
>You can only read mailing lists with a newsreader if there is a newsserver
>which gets the mailing list messages piped to/from. That's obviously what TPC
>has done, it's not standard. So, don't confuse "groups" and "lists".
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