[Mailman-Users] Strange group mismatch error

Brandon Dudley brandon at discontent.com
Tue May 25 18:22:46 CEST 2004

I'm tryign to add a new list to an existing server, and have entered a 
weird cycle of mismatch errors. Every time I rerun configure to change a 
GID, it breaks either my old lists, or the new list I'm trying to add.
one list in particular wants to be GID mailman, but the new list wants 
to be nobody.

How can I break the cycle such that all lists require the same GID? 
(hopefully mailman)? check_perms doesn't help. I deleted and recreated 
the new list a couple of times to see if that helped, ran genaliases and 
restarted both postfix (my MTA) and mailman several times. Am I missing 
a file that I can manually change? right now the old list is running 
with GID mailman, but the new list is not.

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