[Mailman-Users] Regular expressions/whitelists

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Fri May 28 19:28:15 CEST 2004

Dear Mailman users (and hopefully administrators and/or programmers),

We have some campus lists that we'd like to leave open to members and
everybody with addresses such as (in regexp form)


but cause all postings from non-duke.edu addresses to be held for the
moderator.  I cannot see how to do this with mailman's current privacy
settings -- I had thought one could "whitelist" by domain at the
administrator interface level with a suitable regular expression, but
when I try restricting to list members and putting this into the
"addresses of members accepted for posting..." box it doesn't work.

When I try other ways, such as leaving the list open to any posters (or
rather not restrict posting to list members) together with negated
regular expression rules in either the "addresses always held for
approval..." or the "Hold posts...specific regexp" boxes (the specific
regexp patterns I've tried are various things like:

  from: !.*@.*phy\.duke\.edu
  from: (?!.*@.*phy\.duke\.edu)

and a few others) THAT doesn't work either.  I was intending this to
read as "headers that don't include from: something at something.duke.edu".

So I guess I have a  question and/or suggestion:

  Is there any way to do what I'm trying to do at this level of mailman
  (that is, without hacking scripts or inserting procmail with suitable
  rules but rather through a regexp in one of the privacy boxes)?

If not, how about:

  Making the "always accepted" and "always held" list boxes accept
  simple rexexp's e.g.  .*@.*duke.edu (to accept or hold all duke.edu
  postings, depending on which box it is in) or at least enabling them
  to manage SOME sort of wildcard/domain level entries.

Adding the email of everybody on campus to one list or everybody in the
universe NOT on campus to the other list are not happy alternatives.

Even making the hold posts box (that already takes regexps) work with
negated regexps would do the trick, although the holds don't really take
place because of "suspicious headers" as explained in the hold message
to the poster.



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