[Mailman-Users] Checking up on state of Virtual Hosts feature

Matthew England mengland at mengland.net
Tue Nov 2 04:32:52 CET 2004

I'm using Mailman 2.1.5 on a system hosting many ("virtual") domains all 
with different Mailman-based list namespaces.  Before I haul off and create 
a Mailman installation for each domain (on my one server/host), and 
presumably creating a whole slew of redundant mailman processes 
(presumably??), I'd like to check on the state of the Virtual Host 
feature.  ie, have any patches come to fruition that would allow "true" 
virtual hosting as per below?  Are there any plans to add this 
functionality in the near future?

In an associated question, I presume that each different mailman 
installation (eg, /home/mailman.domain1.com, /home/mailman.domain2.com) 
will create separate control scripts (eg, /etc/init.d/mailman.domain1.com, 
/etc/init.d/mailman.domain2.com).  Is this all correct?

Virtual-Host reference:



  With unmodified, standard Mailman source code, there is a single
  namespace for list names shared by all virtual host supported by a
  given Mailman installation. Multiple installations on the same machine
  can be used to avoid the list naming restrictions this creates.


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