[Mailman-Users] Stopping all moderation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 2 17:54:37 CET 2004

Dan Newcombe wrote:
>I am on v2.1.5.  Right now the attachments are moderated by size.  I have
>it set to 2M.  Anything below goes through - anything above gets put in
>the moderate queue.  That is what I don't want.   I'd much rather anything
>below 2M go through, anything above 2M gets dropped outright.

>I guess what I'm really looking for is something similar to the
>generic_nonmember_action tag which allows me to choose what happens when a
>message breaks the rules.  In that case, I can tell it to reject the
>message alltogether.     I guess a tag like message_toobig_action or
>any_message_that_would_require_moderation_action - or similar
>functionality.   Times like this knowing python might help I guess :)

The only controls are generic_nonmember_action for posts from
non-members and member_moderation_action for posts from moderated

The setting you're looking for doesn't currently exist. I agree that it
would be good to be able to specify the disposition of "too big"
messages and also to specify the disposition of messages caught in the
Privacy options...->Recipient filters, but this ability doesn't
currently exist. Messages caught in any of these filters are always
held for "moderator" approval.

See the wishlist at http://www.list.org/todo.html and the SourceForge
Mailman feature request page at

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