[Mailman-Users] Member and password database

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Nov 16 09:41:21 CET 2004

At 7:27 AM +0000 2004-11-16, PeteBell wrote:

>  No, I'm not talking about the server. The mailman I am using resides on
>  the UNIX server at which I am hosted. I only mentioned Apple Mac because
>  that's what computer I use and I wanted to give all info possible.

	Ahh.  Okay.  That wasn't clear to me from the previous post.

>  As you say that you can help if it's YOUR installation and tarballs
>  (whatever they are), well it IS yours, so I am putting the question back
>  to you, please (quoted below).

	From your original post:

>>  I am creating a website 'front end' for my new list which is run by
>>  using Mailman and am running into logging in difficulties which would
>>  be best worked around using my own logging-in system. However, I need
>>  access to the members' email addresses/passwords database and understand
>>  it is stored inside the mailman installation. Unfortunately I do NOT
>>  have access to the actual mailman program as it is hosted as a
>>  server-wide installation shared by all domains on the server, of which
>>  I am but one.

	I believe that information is stored within Python "pickles". 
Without direct access to the server, and direct read access to those 
data structures, I don't know how you can solve this problem.

>>  Please note, I use an Apple Mac, and when I look at the scripts and
>>  coding in the Mailman FAQs, I am left cold, as I wouldn't know where
>>  to begin! I have no knowledge of these things and would need a
>>  novice's guide to what I am wanting to achieve.

	The problem is that for this sort of thing, you need to obtain 
experience in programming in Python, and you need to spend some time 
learning the internal operations of Mailman.  You don't get that kind 
of experience overnight.

	You may not have any choice but to have your server 
administrators do the work for you that you need done, and you may 
need to pay them in order to get this kind of consulting assistance. 
Alternatively, if they could give you the access you need, you might 
be able to obtain consulting assistance from someone else on the 
list, who could help you do what you want.

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