[Mailman-Users] Archive pipermail question

Frank Torres frankt at pdx.edu
Thu Nov 18 23:41:08 CET 2004

  Ok, lets say you have an list that was public and with in the archive
folks have sent various attachments. Now Looking at the archive at the
end there is an hotlink with the attachment in the archive. Next you
click on it brings up whether to save it open under another program etc.
Now lets say you actually did not want the archive to be public you now
go to the administration interface and set it private. All good now you
have use your e-mail address and password to get to the archive great.
Now your in the archive you click on an attachment and guess what error
no attachment can be found ugh?
  My question is simple is there an easy way around this problem or
should I find fifth of vodka and call it day. Basically the dilemma is I
am converting old majordomo lists that have attachments but some of the
mailman archives need to be set private. Any ideas are welcome thanks

  I am using the mailman/bin/arch program to bring the archives over
from majordomo.

Best Regards,
Frank Torres <frankt at pdx.edu>
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