[Mailman-Users] Has anyone successfully installed Mailman

Matthew Saltzman mjs at ces.clemson.edu
Sat Nov 20 13:11:34 CET 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 9:45 AM -0800 2004-11-19, Greg Deputy wrote:
> >  I didn't see anything in the INSTALL file about that besides having
> >  python installed, and being a linux newbie I didn't realize I needed
> >  that in addition to the standard python installation.  Seems like
> >  something the configure script would check for, no?
> 	Maybe for the RedHat RPM version, that is something they should
> do.  For the version we provide, we assume that you have a complete
> installation of a recent version of Python.  If you don't have that,
> you're likely to have problems.
> 	If you can show us a cross-platform way to check for all the
> appropriate and necessary Python headers that would be required by
> Mailman, and would work regardless of where Python was installed,
> where Mailman was installed, etc..., I'm sure we'd love to see your
> patch.

The Red Hat RPM versions have the dependencies built into the package.
That's what RPM is for.

$ rpm -qp --requires mailman-2.1.5-26.src.rpm
rpmlib(VersionedDependencies) <= 3.0.3-1
python-devel >= 2.2
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1

$ rpm -qp --requires mailman-2.1.5-26.i386.rpm
config(mailman) = 3:2.1.5-26
python >= 2.2
rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1
rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-1
vixie-cron >= 4.1-9

So you can't install the precompiled RPM without Python 2.2 runtime
support and you can't install the source RPM for rebuilding without the
python-devel 2.2 package.  If you have enough Python support to build the
RPM, you should have enough to build Mailman from scratch.

Note that in Red Hat distros, many development tools are split into
<pkgname> for runtime support and <pkgname>-devel for developers.  Greg
Deputy probably doesn't have the python-devel RPM, which he needs to build
Mailman, although he has the python RPM, which is enough to run Mailman.

But I'm not quite clear on why one would want to build Mailman from
scratch, when there are perfectly good Mailman RPMs already available for
Fedora Core.

		Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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