[Mailman-Users] Has anyone successfully installed Mailman

greg deputy greg at blastzone.com
Sat Nov 20 19:08:10 CET 2004

> So you can't install the precompiled RPM without Python 2.2 
> runtime support and you can't install the source RPM for 
> rebuilding without the python-devel 2.2 package.  If you have 
> enough Python support to build the RPM, you should have 
> enough to build Mailman from scratch.
> Note that in Red Hat distros, many development tools are 
> split into <pkgname> for runtime support and <pkgname>-devel 
> for developers.  Greg Deputy probably doesn't have the 
> python-devel RPM, which he needs to build Mailman, although 
> he has the python RPM, which is enough to run Mailman.
> But I'm not quite clear on why one would want to build 
> Mailman from scratch, when there are perfectly good Mailman 
> RPMs already available for Fedora Core.

Yup, I was missing the python-devel package.  Dropped that in and
mailman is now built and happy.

I'm relatively new to linux, and I've found some things are easier
installed as a package and others from source.  This is just my personal
perception, of course.  I generally try to install from source first, I
feel like I get more control over how it ends up working that way.  

Thanks for the help.

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