[Mailman-Users] Has anyone successfully installed Mailman

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Sat Nov 20 19:42:13 CET 2004

--On Saturday, November 20, 2004 10:08 AM -0800 greg deputy 
<greg at blastzone.com> wrote:

> I'm relatively new to linux, and I've found some things are easier
> installed as a package and others from source.  This is just my personal
> perception, of course.  I generally try to install from source first, I
> feel like I get more control over how it ends up working that way.

Building from source and installing from RPM are not mutually exclusive. If 
you want to maintain the integrity of your packaging database, you should 
endeavor to locate RPM's, either binary from the distro vendor or source 
from a third party.

You get just as much "control" installing from a source RPM as you would 
from a source tarball. Usually that means changing the configure options, 
and you can easily do that by unpacking the source RPM and editing the 
configure command in the spec file before rebuilding it.

If you use any kind of automatic update system (like yum or up2date) to 
keep your system secure, manual installation of packages will interfere 
with that and will likely eventually cause things to break because the 
packaging system isn't aware of all the packages on the system.

Note that this applies not just to RPM but to any package database system. 
It's there to help you, but you have to keep it informed about what you've 
installed if it's to make correct decisions.

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