[Mailman-Users] wrapper busted

Dave Stern - Former Rocket Scientist dave at umiacs.umd.edu
Mon Nov 22 17:30:06 CET 2004

I've got an old install (2.10.12) where, while mail to the lists goes
thru, the daily reminders do not ie the cron

    /usr/local/bin/python -S /fs/mailman/cron/checkdbs


...to="|/fs/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner mylist", ctladdr=<mylist-admin at myhost> (1/0), delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=prog, pri=139995, dsn=5.3.0, stat=unknown mailer error 2

>From searching the archive, I believe this is often caused by bad gid but 
the logfiles aren't indicating this.  More importantly, this install has 
been up and working correctly for a while but I believe an operator whacked 
a few files (including wrapper) an restored it from the install. Perms and 
ownership on the file look ok (2755, root:mailman) . I may be screwed,
I may need to try to reinstall the build or find an older backup. Anyone have
any ideas on further diagnosing this.

This'll probably just force the users to finally go to the newer (2.1.5) 


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