[Mailman-Users] reverse sorting mailman's pipermail "sort by date" page

Jason Philbrook jp at saucer.midcoast.com
Tue Nov 23 20:16:31 CET 2004

I noticed this feature was an item on the http://www.list.org/todo.html

I ALMOST have this working as an extra script except, except
for the way the HTML code is formatted by the builtin pipermail messes 
up my script. 

Where can I change how the code is generated? I basically wish for the
code that creates thread.html to produce the closing </A> on the same
line as the opening <A. (It does the same unnecessary line braking with 
italics too, but stripping those out does no harm)

Currently it puts it on a different line and makes it difficult to
reorder the contents of the file.

Here is my Nasty Bash script. It creates a revthread.html from each

cd $BD

for FILE in `cat index.html |grep thread.html |cut -d\" -f2` ; do
 FILELEN=` cat $BD/$FILE |wc -l`
 MONTH=`echo $FILE |cut -d/ -f1`
 echo $FILE
 echo $MONTH
 echo $FILELEN
 tail -n 22 $BD/$FILE > $BD/$MONTH/tail.html
 head -n 25 $BD/$FILE > $BD/$MONTH/head.html
 cat $BD/$FILE | head -n ` echo $(($FILELEN - 22))` | tail -n ` echo $(($FILELEN - 47))` > $BD/$MONTH/middl$
 cat $BD/$MONTH/head.html       > $BD/$MONTH/revthread.html
 tac $BD/$MONTH/middle.html      >>$BD/$MONTH/revthread.html
 cat $BD/$MONTH/tail.html       >>$BD/$MONTH/revthread.html

The only other howto for this task is at:

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