[Mailman-Users] Removing information from the default welcome email

Cam/Catch Design Collective cam at catchdesign.co.nz
Tue Nov 23 20:31:46 CET 2004

Hi there,

I found an answer to this in the FAQs, but it is far too technical for 
me, so....

Is there any way to remove *ALL* the information from the "Welcome to 
the blah at blah.com mailing list" email that gets sent out? Could someone 
please explain this to me in a non-technical way?  Is there an option 
that I can turn on to make this list a read-only list?

I wan to create a custom default email without all the info about how 
to post to the list etc etc....

Thank you in advance,


cam at catchdesign.co.nz

Catch Design
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