[Mailman-Users] Removing information from the default welcome email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 23 21:49:09 CET 2004

Cam/Catch Design Collective wrote:
>I found an answer to this in the FAQs, but it is far too technical for 
>me, so....
>Is there any way to remove *ALL* the information from the "Welcome to 
>the blah at blah.com mailing list" email that gets sent out? Could someone 
>please explain this to me in a non-technical way?

You need to make your own version of the subscribeack.txt template and
install it as a list specific, domain specific or sitewide template
(probably list specific in this case). For example, if your list's
name is mylist and the only language you're concerned with is English,
your template would go in lists/mylist/en/subscribeack.txt where
lists/mylist is the existing directory for your list in the mailman

FAQ article 4.48 explains this process.

>Is there an option 
>that I can turn on to make this list a read-only list?

There is no single option to set to make a read-only list. FAQ article
3.11 explains the various steps required.

>Mailman FAQ: http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py

It seems to me that the above to FAQ articles already present the
required information in as "non-technical" a way as is possible.
Perhaps if you could point to specific things in the FAQ which are
unclear to you and ask specific questions about them, we might be able
to help you further.

Note that some of this requires shell (command line) access to your
Mailman installation. If you don't have this, you are going to need
the assistance of someone who administers your mailman installation at
that level.

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