[Mailman-Users] How to get status of the progress of sending to a large list

Steve Wehr stevew at tunedinweb.com
Tue Nov 23 23:05:57 CET 2004


I'm converting my Lyris mailing lists to Mailman and so far so good. One
feature that Lyris has is the ability to send a progress report to the
person who posts an email to the list. This progress report shows how many
list members have received the email so far and how many times Lyris has
tried to send the mailing. Lyris keeps sending this report to the poster
until all users on the list have received the mailing or it gives up on
those who keep bouncing. This can take several days.

I'm using Mailman to create mailing lists for some unsophisticated clients,
and this feature was very reassuring to them that their email really got to
all the list members.

Is there anything like this I can setup with Mailman??


Steve Wehr
Tunedin Web Design - TunedinWeb.com

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