AW: [Mailman-Users] Unable to get Mailman up and running withqmail/vpopmail

Tierra etierra at
Wed Nov 24 02:02:33 CET 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 01:38:07 +0100, DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander
Schwethelm <info at> wrote:
> 1. I re-configured mailman with "--with-mail-gid=vchkpw".  Here I am not
> sure what would be correct and how this influences the installation/system.
> So what should I use there mailman or vchkpw???

Your actually going to want "--with-mail-gid=mailman" with your setup.
None of the mailman stuff goes through vpopmail. You don't even need
to setup a domain with vadddomain, so you'll probably want to
vdeldomain. When you put "list.mydomain.tld:mailman" in virtualdomains
file in qmail, your telling qmail to send all mail that goes to that
domain to the local user "mailman", unlike your other vpopmail domains
which should look like "" - meaning send to
vpopmail to handle. So vpopmail has nothing to do with mailman/qmail.
So the reason your going to want to configure with the mailman gid is
so mailman has access to the mail being delivered to the mailman user
instead of if you were handling lists on virtual domains setup in
vpopmail (which is a pain with qmail), where you would need to
configure with vpopmail actually, not vchkpwd (I think anyway). This
is the reason setting up with lists.mydomain.tld instead of just
mydomain.tld is so much easier.

> 2. I know created a "/home/vpopmail/domains/mailman" for my .qmail files.
> Before I either created /home/vpopmail/domains/mylist.domain.tld or droped a
> .qmail file directly into /var/mailman.  What is correct here?

Again, get rid of all entries of lists.mydomain.tld in vpopmail, you
won't need them. You will need the .qmail-default file in the mailman
user's home directory (which like I mentioned before might be
elsewhere from /home/mailman).

> 3. Putting "|/usr/bin/python /var/mailman/" in either
> ".qmail-default" or ".qmail-mylist" doesn't work.  What works is putting
> "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman post mylist" into .qmail-mylist, but it would be
> impossible to add for each list all those aliases.  What am I doing wrong?
> Is there maybe something wrong with my ""-file?

There's two ways to doing this. The first is using the script provided
inline with the README.QMAIL file to generate those .qmail-mylist-*
files, and doing that for EVERY list. The second, is creating a
.qmail-default file that has runs the script which
parses everything and sends it where it needs to go. It also handles
any new lists you create as well. That's the reason it's the highly
suggested route.

It sounds like you either have the wrong path to the qmail-to-mailman
script, or the permissions are messed up (check my first note).
Another thing you need to check is "su mailman" and run
bin/check_perms script to make sure mailman has all the access it

> 4. Also, but not as important, I am already wondering why there is always a
> text file attached to each message  (something like ATT00111.txt). This file
> contains the listname, lists email address and the web link.  Why is that?

Umm, other people know more about that than I do on the list, I'll let
someone else answer that.

Bryan Petty

P.S. Can you use the "Reply-To-All" feature of your mail client so
everything stays in the same thread?

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