[Mailman-Users] subscribe another list as a member

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 25 17:29:41 CET 2004

David Relson wrote:
>To add to this, I have 3 lists (announce, users, and developers). 
>Announce is a moderated list and the other two are subscribers
>only and unmoderated.  The announce list is only used for new releases
>and those notices should go to everyone, i.e. all the lists.
>What I'd been doing is sending announcements to all 3 lists, but thought
>it would be much more elegant to do as Hong wants, so messages to
>announce are automatically forwarded to users and developers.  I, too,
>ran into the "Post by non-member ..." problem.  When I "accepted" the
>messages they went out, which is how I found out about "gotcha" number
>2.  Replies went to the announce list (rather than the user or developer
>lists), hence needed moderation.  At the moment it looks like a nasty
>As Hong says, it'd be useful to have a forwarding mechanism which
>doesn't generate moderator requests and that has replies going to the
>final list.

If you use Jim Tittsler's patch
(http://starship.python.net/crew/jwt/mailman/#listinclusion) that I
mentioned in my reply to Hong, that solves gotcha #1, although it's
not clear to me why you want this since the announce list is moderated

Then you could enable full personalization on the announce list only.
Since it's low volume, the performance hit shouldn't have much impact.
Then posts to the announce list that wind up on the users or
developers lists will be addressed to those respective lists so a
"reply all" by a "user" would go to the users list and similarly for

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