AW: AW: [Mailman-Users] Unable to get Mailman up and running withqmail/vpopmail

Brad Knowles brad at
Sat Nov 27 01:24:58 CET 2004

At 12:26 AM +0100 2004-11-27, DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander Schwethelm wrote:

>  All I meantis that it is very difficult to know what to do when everybody
>  and every tutorial is offering a different solution.  I understand that it
>  is possible to install mailman in any choosen location, but some basics
>  should be the same, at least when we all talk about the same mail client.

	We can't control what other documentation that people create.  We 
can have some control over our own documentation.  There is one 
README.QMAIL file that you should have gotten as part of the Mailman 
source code.  If the instructions there are not adequate, then we 
would appreciate feedback on what is needed to bring them up to par.

	Alternatively, if there is one good canonical source of 
information for using Mailman with qmail that has already been 
produced by someone else, then that should be linked from the FAQ. 
We do this same sort of thing for people using Mailman with Exim, and 
I see no reason why we can't do this for Mailman and qmail as well.

	Ultimately, it all comes down to unofficial documentation sources 
versus the official and semi-official ones.

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