[Mailman-Users] Dual architecture setup?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 30 04:34:35 CET 2004

Doug Stewart wrote:
>This might be a bit of an odd question (and one whose answer that I 
>haven't been able to come across in the archives) but I need to support 
>two CPU architectures with Mailman, with the bin scripts compiled on a 
>Sparc and the CGI stuff compiled for x86.
>The webserver runs Linux and the mail server runs Solaris.

The scripts aren't an issue because they're compiled by Python on the
fly. It's the wrappers that would be the issue - cgi-wrapper.c and

By far the easiest way to address this is to just set up a web server
for Mailman only on the Sparc (or set up an MTA for Mailman only on
the x86) and run everything there. This avoids all the NFS
complications and allows having Python on only the one machine if
that's a concern.

For some other ideas, see the thread "mailman on 2 servers" beginning

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