[Mailman-Users] 5000 on the list... only a few getting the email... .

jean at dancecentral.com.au jean at dancecentral.com.au
Wed Oct 6 23:52:54 CEST 2004


I have had a problem with my list since mid September and It hasn't been solved.
I have a website www.dancecentral.com.au that is hosted by www.nomonthlyfees.com , and everything is set up for me to create and edit a mailing list using an interface through a browser. So that means I did not install mailman on the server (I don't think I would know how) and I have no access to any settings other than the list manager settings. For anything that needs to be done or checked on the server I have to ask the system administrator and they are in the US and I am in Australia and they usually reply with 48hrs (which explains why the problem has been dragging). 

I started a list with 10 addresses belonging to people instructed to reply to the emails so that I could make sure it all worked... I tested the list, adjusting the settings to make sure it was going to do what I want...
It is meant to be on way list just for me to send our weekly newsletter. I have set it to have every member moderated so that if anyone sends an email to the list It won't actually get through and will be held in the pending requests (I checked the info on creating one way lists but that would have involved work to be done by the system admin and I want to avoid that). 

Everything was working OK, everyone getting emails... Then I loaded about 5000 email addresses.
Since then I have been sending emails to the list and I cannot figure out what the pattern is but only some members are getting the email but most don't.
I know because out of the original 10 members, only a few get it, I have 3 addresses that I check and one never gets it, another gets it 12 hours later. 
Also I don't get the usual response from our customers that I used to get before mailman.

It's been a nightmare trying to get this to work... I am getting very little explanation or help from the system admin... often just one line response... on the other hand I did get very good response from using this newsletter and I have passed on the info to the tech and as far the only thing they seem to have done is to lower the SMTP_MAX as it was suggested by Mark Sapiro. Also I am told mailman is running correctly and from what I gathered they are using version 2.1.5 . their next suggestion was to move us to another server.

I also had a suggestion from Brad Knowles to check this : http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq03.014.htp I passed it on but I also wonder if this applies in my case since some recipients are getting the emails...

Sorry for the lengthy E-Mail but I thought I'd put in all info... Thank you for reading it all and Great if you think you can shed some light on this problem or suggest a way to fix it.

Thanks you

Jean-Luc Stora
Dance Central
Level 1 - 268 Cleveland St
Surry Hills 2010
Ph: 02 9319-2268

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I created a small list of about 10 members to start and tested it for a couple of days... changing settings to make sure all goes the way It should.
Then I finished loading the email address and I have almost 5000.
I tried today to send my first newsletter and it looks like it's not being distributed (I know because I have several addresses that I own and that I keep checking).
I made sure the maximum kb per email was set high enough also the recipient filter is set to 10000 recipients..... so it should work just like when I sent the test emails to 10 people.

I spend several hours on this and cannot figure out why it isn't working...

Any ideas... ? 

Thanks .


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