[Mailman-Users] Problem with Micrososft Exchange 2003 SBS

Jan Kellermann jan.kellermann at werk21.de
Thu Oct 7 22:55:38 CEST 2004

Hello Mark!

> >We are providing over 200 lists and have no problems at all.
> >But this customers is sure, that this is a mailman-bug. I need support to
> >argumentate. Is here anybody who is working with M$-exchange? Or is here
> >anybody who can proof, that it should be no problem to have 2 mails with
> >same rcpt and same msg-id?

> If you are going to use software that insists on implementing
> Micro$ofts view of how things should work without giving you any
> control, then you're stuck with what you get.

Yes, that's exactly our point of view. But it doesnt help :( The customer
want to get both messages and the mailprovider says, it's our
I need a hint to a RFC, that M$ should not delete this message or sth. like


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