[Mailman-Users] Compile Problem: msgmerge/gettext wants automake 1.8?!

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Fri Oct 8 01:56:25 CEST 2004

> I don't have cvs installed any where.  How can I get that other
> Makefile.in file?

Ok, you can download individual files from the sourceforge viewcvs
interface. Go to the mailman homepage http://www.list.org/, follow the
links; 'SF Project Page' -> 'CVS' -> 'Browse CVS Repository' and find
the file for appropriate version. In this case, you must find
message/Makefile.in, Release_2_1-maint. Then click download to get the
latest version file.

Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi@ is.kochi-u.ac.jp

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