[Mailman-Users] MM 2.1.5 installation Fixed, we think

hesco at greens.org hesco at greens.org
Mon Oct 11 21:54:13 CEST 2004

Hey mailman-users list:

Thank you, your quick and helpful response kept us rocking
and left me looking good.  I certainly appreciate your help
with getting this back up and running.  I'm bookmarking that
faq for later use.

-- Hugh 

Hey everyone:  

Thanks to the swift response of folks on the
mailman-users at python.org list, iMeme's installation of Mailman
(used by the VoteCobb.org campaign) has been fixed.  For some
reason, the permissions got all messed up.  I asked Steve, as
root, to ./check_perms -f, then ./mailmanctl stop; ./mailmanctl
start.  That opened the floodgates, mail raced through the
logs and into my and Steve's inboxes.  We're assuming that the
email is now flowing into everyone else's inboxes now, as well.

Jon:  Any idea why the file permissions would have gotten messed up?  

If this happens again, we'll script a cron job to periodically fix
these errors and keep us rocking.  

We also discussed building a cron job which would handle restarting
zope when it freezes up and slows to a crawl.  I'm waiting to see what
that looks like before I attempt to script against it.  But I'll let
Steve know what I need and hopefully will be able to turn a script
around in an hour or two once I see what the broken behavior looks

Steve:  The next time Zope freezes on you, before you restart it,
please run the following from any web accessible server:  
	wget -o wgetlogforhugh -O resultfileforhugh http://www.votecobb.org/
	mailx hesco at greens.org -s"Hugh: Frozen Zope Results" < resultfileforhugh
	mailx hesco at greens.org -s"Hugh: Frozen Zope Log" < wgetlogforhugh
	rm wgetlogforhugh resultfileforhugh

Depending on your installation, mailx may be called mail instead,
although they frequesntly symlink back and forth to one another.  

-- Hugh 

Steve and Tim:  

Your copy of my email to: 
	mailman-users at python.org
	Jon Ringuette (iMeme administrator)

-- Hugh Esco
hesco at greens.org


Our mailman installation has been serving us well since it
was installed and tricked out in August or early September.
Last night I started getting reports that email was not
getting through.

I have attempted multiple lists on the server with similar

* the mail goes through /var/log/exim_mainlog, like so: 
2004-10-11 18:00:36 1CH4TM-000AKN-00 <= ga-organize at lists.votecobb.org
H=cesarchavez.cagreens.org (greens.org) [] P=smtp S=463
id=20041011175950.27003.qmail at greens.org
2004-10-11 18:00:36 1CH4TM-000AKN-00 => |/home/mailman/mail/mailman
post ga-organize <ga-organize at lists.votecobb.org> D=system_aliases
2004-10-11 18:00:36 1CH4TM-000AKN-00 Completed

But it does not show up in the archives nor in the list
recipient's email inboxes.

All help is appreciated.  We're getting lots of media attention
right now and need to not have our basic tools not be working
at this moment.

-- Hugh

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