[Mailman-Users] URL reference requires uppercase "M" for .../listinfo/Mailman?

Matthew England mengland at mengland.net
Mon Oct 11 23:21:14 CEST 2004

An interesting add-on to this point:

The following URL *does* work as expected:


This displays the "General Options Section" of the admin interface.  Not 
that it requires no uppercase "Mailman," apparently because of the extra 
"/general" at the end.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.  :)

Also, I just logged on to another Mailman server I know running 2.1, and it 
does not seem to have any problems in this area; any "mailman" reference 
below works without an uppercase "M."  Not sure if this is due to it being 
2.1 (and a bug potentially introduced in later revs, of which I'm using) or 
the configuration of my specific server.

Thanks for any help!

At 10/11/2004 04:06 PM, Matthew England wrote:
>I'm sure this is a FAQ (unless my Mailman configuration is broken), but I 
>could not find it listed in the FAQ search engine:
>I find that I can not access my Mailman list (the one recommended by 
>INSTALL as well as per the default listinfo sentence:  "If you are having 
>trouble using the lists, please contact mailman at kodak-xyratex.com.") 
>listinfo or admin web interface without first capitalizing the "M" in 
>"Mailman" in the URL as such:
>If I instead use
>(with a lower-case "m") my web browser displays the general 'listinfo' 
>page (same as what is seen from "https://example.com/mailman/listinfo/").
>Why is this?
>No other list on my Mailman servers have this restriction.
>I also find it on both Mailman installs/servers I have.
>By the way, I doubt the https/SSL has anything to do with it; one of my 
>Mailman installs runs without SSL and has the same "feature".
>I am using both Mailman 2.1.4 and 2.1.5.  They bost exhibit the same 
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