[Mailman-Users] RE: Newbie Question -- Attachments (again)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 15 21:12:46 CEST 2004

Newman, Linda (newmanld) wrote:

>Follow-up to my earlier question (below).
>I went back and put back in the defaults for "Remove message attachments
>that don't have a matching content type."  These are now set to:
>    multipart/mixed
>    multipart/alternative
>    text/plain
>Attachments such as word documents and pdf documents are still being
>rejected, which I'm pleased about.  HTML-formatted messages are now being
>converted to plain text (despite answering that question 'No' -- see below),

No they're not. Se my remarks about multipart/alternative in my reply
to your previous post.

>and this is better than the messages being rejected.  Messages that have
>attachments but also have remaining plain text parts are now being sent to
>the list without the attachment, instead of being rejected completely, so
>this is better.  I'm left wondering:
>1) What kind of attachments are allowed by 'multipart/mixed' and

Allowing those types does not allow any attachment type per se. It just
allows the sub-parts within the multipart message to be examined
rather than the whole multipart part being deleted.

BTW, I didn't mention previously, but you might consider passing
multipart/related as well although it probably won't work as you would
like. Multipart/related is usually used for things like entire web
pages and might include a text/html part and various image/gif and/or
image/jpeg parts that are referenced by the HTML. If you wanted to
allow something like this, you'd get the HTML without the images, etc
which may or may not be something you'd want on your list.

>2) Why are html formatted messages still translated to plain text even
>though I've answered 'No' to the option "Should Mailman convert text/html
>parts to plain text?"

They aren't. The text/plain alternative is being selected in favor of
the text/html. See prior post.

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