[Mailman-Users] confirming that posts are r'cvd by subscribers

Michelle Nagai michelle at melafoundation.org
Mon Oct 18 22:55:41 CEST 2004


I'm running a moderated "announce only" MM list through my webhost, set up using the cpanel. The host's server is running Linux, and MM is version 2.1.5. My list is connected to a sub-domain I have set up through my own website. There are about 1400 names on this list. I'm new at this, so I don't know if there is other info I also need to provide. 

Thus far, things have been going well. However, my employer is concerned that some people on the list don't seem to be getting the emails. I get them, as does my employer, but several people who are subscribed report that they aren't getting them. I've double-checked the addresses that said subscribers are registered with and they are correct. We also have not received any "unsubscribe" requests on our last two announcements, while in the past we often got 10 or 12 each time.

My first suspicion is that spam filters (either on our end or theirs) may be blocking certain subscribers out, but then some report that they use no spam filters at all and still don't get the emails. Not sure if there is filtering happening on our end with outgoing posts. Further, because our emails are few and far between, it is pretty easy to specify the exact date when the email should be received, thus making it simple for a subscriber to confirm if they are getting it or not.  I have bounce settings configured to tell me when emails come back, and have not received any notices, so I don't think that is the issue either.

MY QUESTION - Is there some way to view all the email addresses to which the notice has been sent? Or some other means to confirm that the message is going out to all subscribers?

Many thanks, 
Michelle N.

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