SUMMARY Re: [Mailman-Users] Recent AOL thread

John Fleming john at
Fri Oct 22 05:08:19 CEST 2004

> >>>> couldn't the presence of his IP or ISP in the message headers be
> >>>> enough
> >> to
> >>>> trigger the blacklist?  - john
> >>>
> >>> No.
> Yes, actually.

The problem ISP is in Europe.  The challenged sender is using a dialup at
this time.  There are 2 probably related observations:

1.  He is being blocked by a domain in South America,  The bounce
message has a link to their abuse pages, and sure enough, his ISP's SMTP
server's domain is in the block list.  When he sends using his Outlook, this
domain appears in the headers and he bounces as if a spammer.  If he uses my
Squirrelmail, his sending domain doesn't appear in the headers, and his mail
goes through.  This is, of course, true whether we're talking about Mailman
list mail or not.

2.  When he sent to his list, all the AOL mails bounced.  Well, they didn't
actually bounce permanently - They we're "delayed".  I found them in my
Postfix queue, but by the next day, they were gone.  I haven't actually
confirmed that they were received by the AOL users, but I assume they were.
Apparently due to his domain's reports, his mail to AOL is "rate-limited".

He uses a commercial ISP, and I guess someone(s) have sent enough spam to
AOL and cantv to get his ISP's SMTP server domain "tagged" as a problem.

Thanks for all of the discussion - Being a newbie, I've learned a lot.
However, this really doesn't involve Mailman anymore, so let's close it up?
;-)   - John

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