[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending out emails

Steph Smith stephanie at thinkers.org
Fri Oct 22 16:41:21 CEST 2004

We've had mailman 2.1 up and running for a while now. We host lists for
a number of different domains, and have been using the virtual host
support. I've just set up a new virtual domain, however, and have run
into some wonkiness that I can't track. Its only happening with this one
virtual domain (listserv.kw-php.org), but it does happen with all of the
lists on the domain.

I'm still a little fuzzy on what exactly is happening, but what it
*looks like* is this:

* I create a new list with the create script
* I test the list by sending a sunscribe request through the listinfo
  page; it works as expected
* I test the list by sending a message to the list; it comes through as
* I then go on to customize the list. I haven't been able to pinpoint
  anything in here that actually causes the problem; its all standard
  stuff, that I've been doing on other lists that do work:

  Change privacy options-sender to allow anyone to send to the list

  Remove pre-existing reply-to headers, and set the reply-to to an 
  explicit address

  Add a list alias to the recipients list (so that we can send 
  to @kw-php.org, rather than to @listserv.kw-php.org)

  Restrict the members list to admin only

  I think that's about it.

* When I go back to check the list again, Mailman no longer sends mail
  out. It will receive posts (and I can verify that they are in the
  archive), but it doesn't distribute them to the subscriber list. If
  I fill out a subscription request, it doesn't sent out the
  confirmation email. If, as a subscriber, I ask it to send me my
  password, it fails to do this as well.

I imagine that its something very stupid and obvious that I've done or
not done. The fact that it worked in the first place does confuse
me--none of the things that I changed should have broken anything (and,
indeed, never break anything for other domains). 

Just to overview the steps I took in setting up the virtual domain:

* added listserv.kw-php.org to /etc/mail/mailertable, /etc/mail/access,
  and /var/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py

* added listserv.kw-php.org to the DNS, both as an A record (pointing to
  the server's IP), and as an MX

I've been hoping to find something in the logs, but haven't found
anything at all in /var/mailman/logs. Actually, its empty, so I wonder
if logging is somehow not turned on??

I've also tried looking through the sendmail logs, but I'm not 100% what
I'm looking at all the time ;) I haven't found anything relating to the
domain in question which looks like an error. Just nothing which looks
like an attempt to send anything from the list. So I don't think its
making it even that far.

At this point, I'm stumped. If anyone can suggest places that I might
look, to ramp up the troubleshooting, how I can be sure that logging is
working for Mailman, etc., it would be greatly appreciated! I don't know
python from jack, but I'm not afraid to look at code either ^_- 

If there's any additional information I can provide, which I've
forgotten, please let me know! This is running off of RedHat box, and
we're using Sendmail. 

Thanks in advance!

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