[Mailman-Users] Mailman under Fedora Core 2

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Oct 23 03:22:55 CEST 2004

Using Sendmail, SMTPDirect, on the same machine as mailman.. nothing 
logged in /var/log/maillog aside from normal email processing.. And 
nothing in /var/log/messages, and plenty of disk space all around..

All of our mailman logs are in /var/mailman/logs, and that's my only 
indication of the problems I attached initially..

However.. I did find something of interest.  It seems that the major 
backlog of messages I had were about 80-100 bogus messages.  What I 
mean, is that they were all dated about 3-5 months old.  I removed them 
completely (they kept appearing in the "out" directory, then they would 
get moved to the "shunt" directory, then back again depending upon 

Additionally, I set up Nagios to monitor the number of items in the 
"out" directory just to see if anything gest hung.. things look good so 


>Did you look for errors in /var/log/maillog?
>Which SMTP method are you using in mailman? Direct?
>What is your MTA? Is it local?
>Did you look for errors in /var/log/messages?
>I assume you looked at all the log files in /var/log/mailman, including
>the errors log, other than what you saw in the smtp log did you see
>anything else?
>Do you have disk space left?
>On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 12:09, Rich West wrote:
>>I migrated our main server from Fedora Core 1 (running our own built 
>>version of mailman 2.1.5) to another server running a fresh install of 
>>Fedora Core 2 (running our own built version of mailman 2.1.5) about two 
>>weeks ago.
>>Since that time, we have had continual problems with our mailman 
>>Our installation is pretty vanilla, and it handles about 30+ lists with 
>>some lists having low membership and others having hundreds of addresses.
>>Anyhow, on the FC1 machine, everything ran fine since we rolled that in 
>>to production back in January of this year, and previously, under RedHat 
>>9, things ran seamlessly as well.
>>Since we have upgraded to Fedora Core 2, we're getting some odd problems 
>>that are just frustrating the living daylights out of me.
>>The problem shows itself when we get a report of no activity on any of 
>>the lists.  Quick investigation shows that /var/mailman/qfiles/out is 
>>full of pending messages.  Unsure as to why they are pending, we quickly 
>>restart the mailman daemon.  Unfortunately, two of the processes don't 
>>die ("mailmanctl -s start" and "OutgoingRunner"), so they have to be 
>>killed manually.  Bringing mailman back on-line begins the processing 
>>again, but I am not certain that it is even processing correctly.
>>On our test list, it does seem to send to *some* of the test users, but 
>>not all.
>>The smtp-error log periodically shows a gazillion "Low level SMTP error: 
>>(111, 'Connection refused')" messages followed by a gazillion "Low level 
>>smtp error: please run connect()first" and finally a gazillion "delivery 
>>to <emailaddress> failed with code -1: please run connect() first"
>>I've gone through and insured that my mm_cfg.py contained all of the 
>>right information, and I have even gone through the effort to compile it 
>>up (not sure if this is even necessary, but I am running out of ideas) 
>>via : python -c "import compileall; 
>>compileall.compile_dir('/var/mailman/Mailman', ddir='/var/mailman/Mailman')"
>>The mail server is working fine for all other types of delivery 
>>(confirmed easily).  I'm at a complete loss at this point.. Is there any 
>>way to turn up the debugging information to see what host it is getting 
>>the "Connection refused" message from?
>>Also, I'm monitoring the qfiles/out directory.. I've been watching it 
>>for about a half hour and have watched the directory's contents 
>>continually grow after a fresh restart of mailman.  It just doesn't seem 
>>to send. :(
>>Argh!  Totally frustrating as we never had any problems with mailman 
>>before..  Any help, ideas, comments, etc, would be wonderful!!

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