[Mailman-Users] Unable to subscribe after confirmation

Jerome Dsilva djerome at novell.com
Wed Sep 1 05:17:51 CEST 2004

I havn't received any reply and hence I am resending this mail. Please
let me know if have any clues to this problem. 

Till yesterday my setup of mailman 2.0.14-18 was working which was
running on SUSE Enterprise 8. 
All of a sudden, it's giving straneg problems... 
Now, if any mail is sent to the list, it doesn't reach the recipients. 
I checked all the logs and even tried creating a new mailing list but
that too didnot work out.. 
Here is what I did with the newlist. 
1.Created the new list.. Added the aliases.. 
2.Got the mail upon list creation 
3.Subscribed to the list through my different email address. Checked in
the ~mailman/logs/subscribe.. it shows as pending 
4.Received a confirmation mail - so that the subscription can be
5.Sent reply mail confirming the same.. But the log still shows as
pending and not as new.. 
6.Checked the membership management and the membership list is blank. 
7. Sendmail logs shows that the replied mail for confirmation has been
received successfully. 
Please help me with getting this setup up and running 

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