[Mailman-Users] Attachments

Ram Dak ramdak5000 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 19:47:48 CEST 2004

Here is how I did it (and, for the perfectly sensible
reason of allowing list members to share important
documents with each other, since I use it as a
discussion group) after much trial and error and

Log in, click on 'Content Filtering' and set the
options to the following values:

1.) Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic
according to the settings below? (Should be set to
2.) Remove message attachments that have a matching
content type. (Delete any content types you see here.
In other words, this text area should be blank)
3.) Similarly delete any content types from next text 
4.) Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain
text? This conversion happens after MIME attachments
have been stripped. (Should be set to 'No')
5.) Action to take when a message matches the content
filtering rules. (Set this to 'Preserve')

Click on 'Submit changes' and send out a test mail
with attachments in diff. document formats such as doc
and pdf

For me, the attachments did not go through until I set
No.5 above to 'Preserve', although I had deleted all
the content types from the earlier fields. 


--- Bob Escher <bescher at rsegroup.com> wrote:

> Good Morning all
> How do I allow attachments and html
> to be allowed through?
> Last week we had a list member send pdf
> and they did get through.
> Or if someone does a nice document in Word
> with graphics how can it be allowed to go through
> with everything intact
> Thanks
> Bob Escher
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