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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Sep 4 21:03:51 CEST 2004

Ram Dak wrote:

>It is strange, but perhaps the first option under
>'Content Filtering' should be set to 'Yes' rather than

If filter_content is set to "no", there should be no filtering of
content and all MIME parts should be passed regardless of type.

>I say strange because, as I mentioned in my previous
>mail, the attachemnts did not go through earlier
>although I had deleted all the content types, and I
>had set the first option to 'yes', but left option 5
>at 'discard'

If filter_content is "yes" and pass_mime_types are defined, no parts
which don't match a pass_mime_type will pass the filter. If
pass_mime_types is empty, then that test is skipped and everything
should be passed through except any types deleted by the
filter_mime_types filter. I have tested this and it works for me with
Mailman 2.1.4. I don't know why it apparently doesn't work for you.
Perhaps pass_mime_types wasn't truly empty. Maybe it contained a blank
line or some such.

>A little bit of experimentation might clear this up
>for you although mine is still to 'No' for option 1
>and my atttachments are going through fine.

As I said above, if filter_content is set to "no", there should be no
filtering of content and all MIME parts should be passed regardless of
type as is happening in your case. Filter_action should be irrelevant
in this case.

If filter_content is set to "yes", then you should define
pass_mime_types to allow those types you want. You must allow not only
those types you want such as text/plain, application/pdf, but also
"higher level" types that might contain those types as sub parts, e.g.
multipart/mixed, etc. If you want to allow everything, just set
filter_content to "no" and don't worry about the rest.

Finally note the following quote from the Content Filtering page.
"After this initial filtering, any multipart  attachments that are
empty are removed. If the outer message is left empty after this
filtering, then the whole message is discarded. Then, each
multipart/alternative section will be replaced by just the first
alternative that is non-empty after filtering."

This last sentence means that if filter_content is set to "yes", even
if you are allowing multipart/alternative, text/plain and text/html,
only the text/plain part of a multipart/alternative message will be
delivered to the list.

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