[Mailman-Users] trouble with setup: Cron, receiving mail outside lan

Jim Dory jdory at gci.net
Tue Sep 7 03:45:12 CEST 2004

PS: I forgot to mention I am connecting behind a linksys router (I added 
port 25 in port forward) and connect via cable modem. And I believe the 
isp (gci.net) allows port 25.

Jim Dory wrote:

> I'm a newb with this and am a bit overwhelmed with the installation 
> and docs. Been searching the archives but hoping for quick help, as I 
> suspect I made a dumb error.
> I'm installing on Suse 7.3, I have python 2.1.1 and latest stable 
> mailman. Using Sendmail. I have it working more or less on local lan, 
> but outside of it, email clients do not receive mail from it. They can 
> send. I get error messages locally to my root and user email accounts 
> on the server every 5 minutes or so:
> Thank you very much for reading and also to anyone who may offer 
> ideas/inquiries!!!
> cheers, JD.
> ------------------------------------------------------

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