[Mailman-Users] now can't make new lists...

Nathan K. Stazewski nstazew1 at swarthmore.edu
Fri Sep 10 19:15:55 CEST 2004

Hello all.  Yes, somehow I have gotten our mailman client working again (no
idea how really, but it works again).  I just went to create a new alias
(which I've done before), and now it's saying "Error: You are not authorized
to create new mailing lists".  I of course went and googled this and found a
few questions about it, but no real answers.  One person said you can't do
it from the web client with this version of mailman (2.1), but I know that
to be wrong, as I did it before we moved the computer to this new location.
Has anyone else ever seen this?  I am afraid that it might be a permissions
thing, as a few permissions were changed and changed back while
troubleshooting the last problems.  Unfortunately it could be that a
permission was missed.  Thanks in advance.  This listserv has been immensely
helpful every time I've posted.





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