[Mailman-Users] 30 Soekris net4501 - ONLY $225 includes compatible wifi card, 128mb SD card, special encasing with antenna hole! Value >> $300!

David dazoulay at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 20:12:55 CEST 2004


I have been working on a University project where we planned to use
Soekirs net4501s. We already purchased 30 net4501s a few months ago,
however we abandoned the project and now have 30 unused net4501still
in their original packaging.

In addition, we have 30 100% compatible wifi cards to use with the
net4501 (prism 2 chipset). As well as 30 ScanDisk 128mb Secure Digital
memory that fits into the net4501. We also have 30 custom made metal
enclosing for the net4501, that feature a hole to permit the wifi
card's antenna to be stick out outside the enclosing.

I am willing to sell this as a package consisting of the net4501,
128mb SD memory, WiFi card, and the custom made metal enclosinhg for a
MUCH cheaper price then you would pay if you ordered these pasts

The soekris net4501 features a 133mhz 486 class processor, 3 10/100
MBit Ethernet ports, serial console, and more. The board is optimized
to be used as a firewall or VPN router, but is very flexible and can
do any number of other functions.
See http://soekris.com/net4501.htm for more information. It can run
NoCat, m0n0wall, web servers, many different Linux distributions, many
applications, etc.

The Soekris net4501 with case costs $185 USD alone when purchased
individually. The compatible wifi cards I purchased are 100%
compatible and cost us about $40 USD. The ScanDisk 128mb SD card
memory retail for about $40 on amazon.com -- the ScanDisk brand is
preferred for compatibility with the net4501. This means that a single
Soekris net4501 package costs us $265 USD + shipping costs = well
above $300 USD.

We are only asking for $225 per package (net4501,128mb SD,WiFi
card,special enclosing). We need to liquidate these quickly, so
contact me before somebody else does!

Thank you,

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