[Mailman-Users] Intermittent sluggish delivery

Bruce Embrey embrey at hood.edu
Tue Sep 14 02:52:08 CEST 2004


I am running mailman 2.1.5 with sendmail 8.12 on redhat
linux. I've noticed that sometimes messages take an hour to
be delivered while most of the time messages are delivered
in 2-3 minutes. Mailman runs on a dedicated server and
delivers messages to another server that is in the same
physical location. I have also notice a number of messages
are being shunt. Even after running unshunt the messages
remain in the queue directory even though the messages are

what should I look for that could be causing these delays?

Bruce Embrey

Bruce Edward Embrey : Linux Administrator
Hood College : embrey at hood.edu : Phone (301)696-3927

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