[Mailman-Users] Problems with digests

Mário Filipe mjnf at uevora.pt
Tue Sep 14 12:37:55 CEST 2004


I'm running a server with several lists. At least two of them have
digest subscribers, but, about a month ago the digest stoped being sent
(In reality some days they are sent, most they aren't).

I've checked the options and they seem ok (at least according to the
docs I could get my hands on), I've checked that the senddigest cron job
is executed, the messages are cleaned (as if they had been sent) but no
digests are really sent.

I've checked the logs and found nothing and so I would like to know what
other things I could try to fix and/or find the problem.

I'm using a Debian Sarge system (updated), with mailman 2.1.5, sendmail
8.13.1 (the problem started when sendmail wast stil 8.12.x), python

BTW, sendmail has smrsh enabled...

Thanks for any help and best regards
        Mario Filipe 
        mjnf at uevora.pt
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