[Mailman-Users] not getting copies of posted mail

Judy Petersen judypetersen at comcast.net
Wed Sep 15 06:16:22 CEST 2004

I have written before about several of our list members and myself not
getting any of the individual emails sent on our list. Also, one or two of
those aren't able to get the digest either. I've pursued earlier suggestions
with no luck. We also had to switch to another Mailman list briefly (4 days)
and although I and a few others still couldn't get individual emails, one or
two were 'fixed' temporarily.

I understand what "nomail", "not metoo" and "nodupes" are supposed to
accomplish but I'd like to understand how the way "not metoo" and "nodupes"
are set might result in someone not getting ANY individual emails.

Will someone fill me in please? It's particularly embarrassing for the
listkeeper (me) to not be able to fix my own setup!

BTW, I'm also becoming convinced that Comcast is somehow the problem because
two of us use Comcast. Unfortunately, our list mail doesn't even make it to
our Comcast web-based email box. I have checked and there is no 'special'
spam-blocking that costs $1 to turn off or anything resembling that except
the usual anti-spam settings.

Judy Petersen

- Bob Branch wrote:
- >I have added my self to the list of members,  but I do not get
- copies of any postings.
- >When I look at the Membership Management... [Membership List] ,
- I notice that
- >all the members are in blue and I am the only one in pink .
- >
- >Any Ideas what is going on?
- When you look at your entry in the membership list what do you see for
- "nomail", "not metoo", "nodupes" and "digest"? All of these have some
- effect on what you receive from the list.
- Are you subscribed to any "Topics"? If you were ever subscribed to any
- topics and there are currently no topics defined for the list, you may
- have to set "Do you want to receive messages that do not match any
- topic filter?" to "yes" to receive messages.g/

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