[Mailman-Users] not getting copies of posted mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Sep 15 06:50:58 CEST 2004

Judy Petersen wrote:
>I understand what "nomail", "not metoo" and "nodupes" are supposed to
>accomplish but I'd like to understand how the way "not metoo" and "nodupes"
>are set might result in someone not getting ANY individual emails.

They wouldn't in general, but in a testing situation where only one
person was posting, "not metoo" would preclude that person's receiving
the posts.

Likewise, "nodupes" would preclude someones receiving from the list if
that person were always an addressee of the post. Of course, the
person would normally receive the post "off list" in this case.

In a previous reply
I said
>If you have access to the mailman logs, you should be able to determine
>from the smtp log if the expected number of posts are being sent.

Were you able to do that?

>BTW, I'm also becoming convinced that Comcast is somehow the problem because
>two of us use Comcast. Unfortunately, our list mail doesn't even make it to
>our Comcast web-based email box. I have checked and there is no 'special'
>spam-blocking that costs $1 to turn off or anything resembling that except
>the usual anti-spam settings.

The customer support people at ISP's often have little or no knowledge
of what global anti-spam measures the ISP uses. You have to talk to
the "abuse" people to be sure you're getting anything close to correct
information. Just for curiousity, you might look up the IP address of
your Mailman server at www.openrbl.org to see if it's on any of
several black lists.

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