[Mailman-Users] Re: good enhancement for MM3

demo macangels at spamcop.net
Wed Sep 15 11:52:01 CEST 2004


This is a reply to a message sent a while ago;

1] It seems that the question of " Announcement Only " lists is a regular
one, could this configuration not be offered as a built-in one-button

2] I am new to Mailman and using the Apple version so excuse me if I am
taking twaddle. One thing I notice with it is if you delete a list via the
Apple GUI, it does not delete the archives.

I guess this is a Apple issue but I cant see a delete archive / clear cache
type option via the web interface; that would be useful.

Actually, I don't even see the Delete this List option via the Web


> Subject: Mailman-Users Digest, Vol 7, Issue 13
>>>  Is there a way to backup the user list in Mailman?

> This would be a good enhancement for MM3, although if MM3 has a
> heavier-duty datastore, this problem may solve itself.

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